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 Broadband by the​ community for the community

Six Villages Hyperfast

Six Villages Hyperfast is a small group of local volunteers who are working to improve the broadband provision for everybody in our community. Our aim is to make available to everybody in our community fast and reliable broadband that will meet all of our needs for several decades to come at a price that everybody can afford.


Making Progress

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Our Project

Project Overview

Find out what our broadband project is about.

Gigabit Vouchers

Find out about the details of the government's Gigabit Voucher scheme.

Buying Community Shares

Find out why we need to invest in B4RN and the advantages of investing.

Community Benefits

Find out how our B4RN broadband project will benefit our community including the primary school in Mollington.

Our community project will have significant benefits for our community from providing everybody what the fast and reliable broadband they need to providing the school, the church and the hospice with free broadband.

How you can help

This is a community project so we need members of our community to get involved. There are a variety of ways in which you can help from applying for a Gigabit Voucher to digging trenches to lay the cables.


The B4RN Community

Broadband for the Rural North or ‘B4RN’ is a non-profit community benefit society. It is a type of cooperative that is made up of a collection of communities in rural and semi-rural locations like ours. All of these communities are like us building their own fibre networks.  

Why join the B4RN community?

By becoming part of the B4RN community our community has access to the experience and expertise that we need to build our own full fibre broadband network.  

Service and support

The B4RN community provide just one broadband package that gives all those connected to the network a 1Gbps symmetrical connection and they have been doing this since 2012.  

The monthly subscription cost

The 1Gbps symmetrical broadband service that all those connected to our community network will receive will be just £30 per month.  

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We are happy to answer any question you ma​y have about our community broadband project.

Get Involved

There are a variety of activities that members of our community can volunteer for ranging from encouraging people to apply for Gigabit Vouchers to doing the digging needed to lay the cables for our network.