delivering world-class full-fibre broadband

Who are B4RN (Broadband For the Rural North)

Broadband for the Rural North Ltd or ‘B4RN’ (pronounced ‘Barn’) is a non-profit, community benefit society that helps communities to build their own full-fibre broadband networks in rural and semi-rural locations. 

B4RN helps communities to build fast, reliable fibre networks in places where it might otherwise have been considered too expensive for a normal commercial operator.

The partnership with B4RN will involve members of our community in all aspects of the building of the network. This will include, canvassing support to raise the funding needed, planning the routes for the ducting, digging to lay the ducting for the fibre-optic cables and installing the equipment to connect homes to the network. All of these activities will happen with the help, support and expertese of the staff at B4RN.

Chris Conder is a founder member of B4RN and is still a full-time volunteer helping to install fibre networks in rural communities and training other volunteers. She is passionate about the work that B4RN does to benefit communities.

You can read the story of B4RN in Chris Conder's own words here.

"The service is so popular that the company has work lined up for the next 10 years and people from as far as Sierra Leone have attended the open days it holds a couple of times a year.

The bulk of the work is done by volunteers, although there are now 15 paid staff also on board. Farmers give access to their land and those with equipment like diggers and tractors do the heavy work."

BBC website article about B4RN