delivering world-class full-fibre broadband

Why choose to work with B4RN?

B4RN started in 2011 and connected their first property to their network in 2012. Since then the network has grown and now serves 7300 homes and small busnesses and that number is due to grow to about forty thousand by the end of 2022.

We know that B4RN can help us to build a full fibre network and we know that they can deliver a world-class broadband service giving everyone connected to their network 1000Mbps for downloading and 1000Mbps for uploading. This is a better service than any other provider offers.

Looking to the future, B4RN is already providing a 10Gbps (10000Mbps) service to customers that want it and is providing this amazing 10Gbps broadband service to primary schools in Lancashire for free.

B4RN do more than just build the network. Once we are connected to the fibre network B4RN will be our internet service provider (ISP) and will maintain the network. If a cable gets cut B4RN engineers will act quickly to find and repair the damage as they did for the villages of Leck and Ingleton when vandals dug up and cut one of their core cable ducts. Thankfully B4RN had no trouble locating the fault and engineers then worked through the night to fix the network.

Vandals Knock-out B4RN’s 1Gbps FTTH Broadband to Leck and Ingleton