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Find out how our ​project is progressing

We are making p​rogress

Voucher applications: 199

Investment: £29,500

We have three areas where we need to make progress. The first two (applying for voucher and investing) are about raising the money we need to build the network. The third area (wayleaves) is how ​we get permission to lay ducting on peoples' land.

1. Encouraging members of our community to apply for Gigabit Vouchers.

There are 770 addresses in our project area and we need to get 50% to apply for Gigabit Vouchers to raise enough funding from the government to build our network


B4RN will start laying the ducting to carry the fibre when we get 30% (231 vouchers) of the community to apply for vouchers and will start connecting people to the network when we reach 50% (385 vouchers). We currently have 199 voucher applications.

2. Fund raising by investing in B4RN

The funding from each gigabit voucher is not made available until the property that applied for the voucher is connected to the network with a live broadband connection. To fund the initial costs of building the network we need to raise £98000 of extra funding by buying Community Shares.


So far, we have raised £29,500 of investment.

3. Getting permission from landowners to lay ducting on their land

The document that formalises the agreement with a landowner giving permission to lay ducting on their land is called a Wayleave. Several landowners have already signed Wayleaves and we are working to encorage others to do the same.