Our Broadband Project

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Project overview - what are we doing and why

We are a community that has been bypassed by the major network providers such as Openreach and Virgin. Neither company has any plans to build a full-fibre network in our area. B4RN will work with us to help us to build a full-fibre broadband network and provide a service that is faster than anything on offer by other providers (1000Mbps for both uploading and downloading). We have an opportunity by working with B4RN to provide our community with a broadband network that will meet all our needs for the rest of this century.

Our project includes the villages of Little Stanney, Croughton, Backford, Lea-byBackford, Mollington and Saughall. This region is bounded by some physical barriers that are difficult and expensive to cross which are Parkgate Road to the West, Dunkirk Way and Strawberry Way to the North, the M53 to the East and the Canal to the South. Within this region there are over 700 homes and businesses that could be connected to our network.

B4RN will work in partnership with our community to help us to build a full-fibre gigabit broadband network.