Our Broadband Project

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Community benefits

Working in partnership with B4RN will do more for our community than just provide a very fast broadband service.

B4RN is registered as a community benefit society. The Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 requires a community benefit society to “carry on a business, industry or trade” that is “being, or intended to be, conducted for the benefit of the community”.

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) that regulates community benefit societies says that “the conduct of a community benefit society’s business must be entirely for the benefit of the community.”

The question is, how will B4RN benefit our community?

The most immediate benefit of a B4RN network in our community will be to the Primary School in Mollington that will be provided with a full-fibre connection and a gigabit broadband service free of charge forever. Churches within our project area will also get a connection and gigabit service free of charge.

The B4RN broadband service is affordable for all. The cost of B4RN’s broadband service is £30 per month for 1000Mbps for downloading and 1000Mbps for uploading and has not changed since they started connecting people to their network in 2012. Outside of dazzling introductory offers, all for-profit broadband providers are more expensive than B4RN and increase their prices every year. B4RN does not see a need to increase the price of their service for the foreseeable future.

B4RN is a company that we can trust. They have a long track record of successfully building full-fibre networks in rural and semi-rural locations and of providing a world-class fast and reliable service to all those connected.

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