Our Broadband Project

find out about our gigabit broadband project

Full-fibre broadband is different

Working with B4RN to build a full-fibre gigabit network in our community will give us broadband that is 20 times faster and more reliable than any connection currently available in our area.

The reason for the significant increase in speed and reliability is the type of cable used to carry the broadband signal all the way to and from your home. The network we are going to build with the help of B4RN uses optical fibres (very thin glass fibres - thinner than a human hair). The signal is transmitted along the glass fibres using light. The length of a fibre-optic cable has very little effect on broadband speed.

Some of us currently have connections that are partly fibre but for all of us the connection to our homes uses old copper telephone cables. The longer the copper cables are the slower your broadband is.