Our Broadband Project

find out about our gigabit broadband project

What you can d​o to help

B4RN is a non-profit community benefit society that is helping our community to build our own full-fibre gigabit broadband network. This means that we need members of our community to get involved in the project. There are a number of way in which you can get involved:

Apply for a Gigabit Voucher

The most important task members of the community can do at the moment is to apply for a Gigabit Voucher. If you have applied for yours then we need your help to encourage your friends and neighbours to apply for theirs. Each voucher application raises up to £1500 (or up to £3500 for business applications) of government funding that will be used to build our network.

Apply for your voucher now.

Investing in our project

The government funding from the Voucher applications is not paid out until the home or business that applied for the voucher has an active connection. This means that our community needs to raise some extra funds to get the building of the network started. To do that we are encouraging members of our community to buy shares in B4RN. Any money invested by us in B4RN will be used to build our network.

Find out more about investing.

Granting a wayleave

B4RN are able to build world-class fibre broadband networks in parts of the country that other providers would find too expensive by laying the ducting for the optical fibre around the edges of fields instead of digging up roads as other providers do. To do this they need members of the community to grant permission to lay ducting across their land by granting wayleaves. The landowner can decide on the route any ducting will take on his/her land.

There are several tasks that we need volunteers for

Building our world-class full-fibre network is a community endeavour and so we will need members of our community to volunteer to help with a variety of tasks.

Volunteers are needed for three key tasks:

  1. Canvassing - before we can construct the network by laying duct, we must encourage members of our community to apply for Gigabit Vouchers.
  2. Digging - laying duct between residents' property boundaries and their house walls needs community volunteers to lay the duct.
  3. Install house kits - volunteers will be needed to help with installing the two boxes, one on the outside wall and the other on the inside wall of each property.