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Investing in B4RN

B4RN is a community benefit society so buying shares in B4RN is not like buying shares in an ordinary company. Buying shares in B4RN is a way of investing in our community project where the funds invested by us will be used to help with the cost of building our network. In common with all societies, community benefit societies normally have members who hold shares and are accorded democratic rights on the basis of one-member-one-vote. The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) says “it is not usually appropriate for a community benefit society to give any particular group of members greater rights or benefits, because the society must be conducting its business for the benefit of the community. So, for example, we would expect to see community benefit societies run democratically on the basis of one-member-one-vote.“

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The advantages of investing for 3 years in B4RN are:

  • there is an annual return of 5% paid on your investment
    your investment will be used to build our network
  • if you invest £1500 you will not have to pay the £150 connection fee
  • you will have made a significant contribution to improving the broadband for everybody in our community

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You may feel it appropriate to take professional advice before investing.

B4RN do not pay a dividend on shares like most companies do. They do give an annual 5% return on shares (paid in shares). As a community benefit society they must only use their assets for the benefit of the community.